Shepherd of the Valley is a vibrant and lively community

Some people have asked if they would be comfortable at Shepherd of the Valley and the reply is that we hope not. You are safe and welcome regardless of your faith journey, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, race, political affiliation, questions, age or anything else you bring. We strive to make sure everyone is safe, but we don't want anyone to be too comfortable.

Our goal is not comfort; our goal is a community of believers who seek to love as we are loved. We expect people to take risks outside their comfort zones, to be vulnerable, open to hard truths as well as transforming good news. 

We are also a liturgical church, which means we have a pattern to our worship that may seem formal to some. It is a pattern that dates back to the early church. We are united in worship, and that gives us the freedom to wrestle with other aspects of life together. 

We do not see faith as a spectator sport. Everyone brings gifts to the community and we are expected to share them in ministry. 

At Shepherd of the Valley, we play together and we wrestle with our calling in this world. It is a safe place, but not an easy place.