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Nuwayina sent the following stories of thanks after receiving and distributing financial help from SOV:  

My first story after collecting the funds. I visited one needy family that I know very well their hardship and I was thinking about how to reach out to them immediately. The moment I called the mother to ask how they are coping with life. She went on to tell me that "Mun kwana ba abinci hatta ma gishiri Babu. Yanzu babanmu ya karbi bashin shinkafa domin mu dafa' Meaning..we have not eaten since last night because there is nothing to cook not even salt in the house. Just now my husband collected rice  from a grocery shop on debit," I then told her to make a grocery list for some $. Then her grand daughter said, kaka a tuna da kayan makarantana" meaning,  Grandma remember to include my uniform in the list.  I came to discover that the little girl has not gone to school over a week because she had no school uniform. Life is tough for so many families. Thank you for reaching out this family has food for the month and their granddaughter is back to school with new uniform.  Praise Jesus!  

A widow with four children benefited from your support after her son was send back home to either pay his school fees or stay home. Her only option was to sell her one bag of rice to pay the fees and go on hungry stomach of which she did. However, she was hopeful that she will not go hungry and to her surprised, she got food that will sustain her with the children. She said "na San taimako na zuwa" (I was sure that something was coming my way."  You made this possible and she is very grateful.  

These school girls will benefit from reusable pads on the 5/25/2021 on Menstrual Hygiene Day. I have contributed some funds to a partner organization for the production.   This is at an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp here in Yola where I live.    Thank you all!