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The Season of Lent

Lent is traditionally a time of preparation for Easter. It is 40 days (not including Sundays) of fasting, prayer, and confession. This is also a time of preparation for baptism. Purple is the color for Lent as a sign of penance, as we enter the darkness of our sin; and it is a sign of royalty, recognizing Christ’s lordship even over death and sin.  

Lenten Disciplines We are all encouraged to choose a Lenten discipline. It is a time of fasting from destructive habits and embracing creative ones:  

Possible fasts:

Single use plastic - straws, bags, packaging.

Screens - make a goal that is attainable i.e., one hour on weekdays and two on weekends.

Gossip or criticism - say something that builds up every time a nasty thought enters.

Alcohol - Alcohol still kills more people than drug overdoses in Alaska. Lent is a great time to check in with your body and make sure you are not hooked.

Convenience Foods/Meats - Fast from meat or processed food once or twice a week.

Forwarding social media without fact checking.  

Possible new habits:

Worship regularly

Give generously


Prepare and eat meals with others

Read scripture and poetry

Walk 20 minutes a day            

Special Offering for Lent

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a student in Nigeria. We still have students that need sponsors, and would like to have all names partnered by Easter. A one-time donation of $50 covers fees, uniforms, and supplies so a youth may attend school and then we ask that you lift that youth up in prayer once a week. A weekly donation of $7.15 during Lent will reach the $50 by Easter. The display is up for sponsoring school-aged youth in Nigeria. Please do not take the backpacks off the wall at church! We would like you to write your name on the backpack of the youth you’d like to sponsor, then write that student’s name on a post-it note and take that with you. Remember to pray for your student at least once a week. We ask that you donate $50 per youth to cover uniform and school fees. Donations may be made online or by check. Make sure to designate your donation to “Nigeria.” There is also an online option to sponsor a student; watch for the link in the weekly church emails.     

Devotions on the SOV App

If you haven’t yet downloaded the SOV app on your phone or tablet, please do so. Allow the app to send notifications, so you don’t miss any devotions.