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Pilgrimage of Healing:

Plan: June 6 or 7 Fly on Aer Lingus to Dublin

June 7, 2022 - June 10, 2022 Zanzibar Locke in Dublin (Explore area around Dublin)

June 10 Train to Rosslare, Ireland

Ferry to either Fishguard or Pembroke, Wales

Rent vans to drive to housing (near St. David’s)

June 10-17 Rhos y Cribed Wales (rent entire housing).

June 17-June 20 Zanzibar Locke in Dublin



Cost for group of 28

Zanzibar Locke 6 nights £6300/28 = $302 per person

Flights $1100-$1500 per person 

Rhos y Cribed £4168/28 = $200 per person

Transportation (train, ferry, vans) ~$200 per person

Food for 13 days ~$450

Total estimate for trip $2652 (high end for flight)



Some things to know and expect:

This trip is not a vacation or tourist trip. 

    1. Preference will be given to those actively involved in church life
    2. There will be small group work beforehand and during that will involve vulnerable sharing and accountability
    3. Children and youth are welcome, but they need to be able to participate in small group discussions and fundraisers
    4. There will be a good amount of walking
    5. I’m not a tourist guide or guardian. People need to be able to take care of themselves
    6. There is a lot of down time, worship, and small group time. There will also be adventures, but nobody will entertain you
    7. We all will take turns cooking and cleaning up. I’ll also need a few people who are comfortable driving in Wales
    8. There is no whining. Things will go wrong, but we always manage to have a good time.

There are only 28 spots available. I can’t fudge on that number so there is a survey to figure out the most compatible group. Youth are expected to fill out the survey also please. 

Please return by January 11.


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