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Disciplines During the Season of Lent

Lent is traditionally a time of preparation for Easter. It is 40 days (not including Sundays) of fasting, prayer, and confession. It is also a time of preparation for baptism. Purple is the color for Lent as a sign of penance. We enter in the darkness of our sin, and it is a sign of royalty, recognizing Christ’s lordship even over death and sin.  

Lenten Disciplines - We are all encouraged to choose a Lenten discipline. It is a time of fasting from destructive habits and embracing creative ones:  

Possible fasts:

Single use plastic - straws, bags, packaging.

Screens - make a goal that is attainable i.e. one hour on weekdays and two on weekends.

Gossip or criticism - say something that builds up every time a nasty thought enters.

Alcohol - Alcohol still kills more people than drug overdoses in Alaska. Lent is a great time to check in with your body and make sure you are not hooked.

Convenience Foods/Meats - Fast from meat or processed food once or twice a week.

Forwarding Social Media without fact checking.  

Possible new habits:

Worship regularly

Give generously


Prepare and eat meals with others

Read scripture and poetry

Walk 20 minutes a day