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Worship is in person or via zoom. The link may be found here

There is an air filtration system in the sanctuary and we open windows when possible.

Special Happenings on Sundays in July

June 30                   Wisdom 1:13-15, 23-24

                                                Why we die? Why does God allow war, famine, etc? Was there a time                                                when there wasn’t a war?


July 7                                      Mark 6: 1-13

                                                How do you find inspiration? Why can faith be so hard? How did you                                                 know you wanted to be a pastor? How do you keep faith fresh?


July 14                                    Mark 6:14-29

                                                How come God doesn’t intervene when his children are being murdered                                                 & killed? Why are so many grandparents raising grandkids today? Is it                                                                              my generations’ fault?


July 21                                    Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

                                                How can non-Christians make it to heaven. God loves all his children,                                                                                 but the Bible says . . .? How do you graciously explain that you love                                                                                  people even when you strongly disagree with their lifestyle choices?


July 28                                    Psalm 145

                                                Ask and it will be received, but what about those that it is not? How does                                       one move on when others won’t forgive?