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Sometimes a walk in the woods is what I need to ease the worries brought by the chances and changes in life. I'm not sure how people stay sane who do not have the calming pulse of the water or the dancing of the salmon (seriously one salmon was skipping across the water like a tightrope walker) or the surprising delights on the forest floor.

Purple fungi are not edible, but cool to look at. Trailing raspberries are hard to find, but taste like Skittles without the weird chemicals. The salmon, fungi, and tiny berries all remind me how tenacious and delicate life is. It keeps bursting forth against all odds adjusting and accomodating the new conditions or it dies and makes room for something else. Even if all hell breaks loose, something will survive.

I know that thing to survive may be the fungus or cockroaches or the hidden berries, but what settles my soul is that I trust what ultimately survives is love. That's the heart of the resurrection, of the empty tomb. When all hell breaks loose, love still survives. 

I sat and listened as the waves washed the pebbles on the shore creating gentle rhythms where I could hear the promise of ages past that change may come but love will last. 

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Rita Lavake about 2 months ago


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