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I hate with a burning hate when things touch my nose, especially sticky or wet things. I don't like ice in my drinks because sometimes it bumps my nose and I don't normally eat apples. Apples are actually the worst. They are so big and when I bite into them, they inevitably touch my nose. I'm also not that big of an apple fan to stay engaged through an entire apple. It's kind of like bananas. I like half a banana and then suffer through the rest so nothing is wasted.

Then I discovered little apples. I love them; they make me so happy. They are wee and cute with the bonus that they don't touch my nose. I also love little bananas. I squeal when I see wee things so it's like a joyfest packed full of nutrition without the suffering.

Has anyone else noticed how big produce has become? There are apples the size of my head, bananas the size of . . . maybe I'll stop there. It's enough to say fruit is unnaturally large. How can the American mindset of bigger is better affect even our fruit? 

As we move into this season of giving thanks and then the season of gift giving, I'm going to focus more on finding the small things that bring great joy. Relationships, experiences, and thoughtful expressions of love last much longer and waste much less than huge things people either end up throwing away or dusting. Maybe I'll get everyone little apples this year.


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