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Bright Hope


Good Enough, 220-225.     Luke 23:26-49
“The sun stopped shining” (Luke 23:44). What was your darkest hour?

“Can these dry bones live?” The Ezekiel story is about God bringing life out of death. On this Good Friday, stand awhile with those who came to mourn at the cross of Jesus. What do you mourn today?

What does hope look like right here and now, in this dark hour?

God, give me eyes to see what You see, and a heart to love what You love. Give me the gift of hope, that I might take hold of what I have already been given and make something of it. Grant me the gift of faith, that I might look to what is yet unseen
or only dimly shining through, and trust that You have come to gather it all up and us with it, in Jesus Christ. And bless me Lord God with the grace to love well what is already here, in the peace and power of Your Holy Spirit.


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