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When Words Fail


Good Enough, 200-204      Luke 19:28-42
“Many of us are living in a world that groans for change” (Good Enough, 200). What is your relationship with the practice of prayer like?


When words fail, Marilyn McEntyre says that listening with an open heart is a form of prayer, one that can be done on a nature walk, on a beach, or sitting alone in silence. How will you practice listening as prayer today?

God, in this place of longing, my heart waits. In this place of in-between, come Lord. My trust is in Your justice and mercy though I cannot see how it will unfold. My hope is in Your love though I sense it incompletely. My faith rises to meet You, receive from You, and love You in return. Comfort me, that I might live as one who is at peace.


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