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Bottling Magic


Good Enough, 179-183         Luke 9:28-36
What moments in your life do you wish you could have bottled up?

Begin to look around inside that memory, and notice the details. What do you see? What do you feel? What made it so special? Pick up a stone and make it your tactile connection to this memory. Your Ebenezer.

Read Luke 9:28-36 and see yourself in the story, walking up the mountain with the group. Who are you in the story? What do you see? Do you say anything?

As soon as Jesus walked back down the mountain, he started to explain about his coming death and resurrection to his dazed friends. But they didn’t understand at the time. Do you have any confusion or questions that go unanswered?

God of quiet enchantment, I’ve known you. Every awe-inspired deep breath and knot in my throat is a primal hymn of your unpredictable beauty. May I notice the small, glimmering moments, for though they are fleeting, they are enough.


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