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Hmmmm…a God moment.  When I saw this printed in the SOV newsletter, I doubted I would ever write something about that. 

Then it happened. 
My niece’s two children (ages 4 and 6) were over for a Wednesday play day with Auntie Kris.  The day the Capitol was overrun with protestors intent on disrupting the Congress electoral college confirmation process.  I turned off the TV.  I didn’t want the two young ones hearing the yelling of protestors, panic in the newscasters voices, and see my distress.  I had pulled out a box of children’s books for us to read throughout the day and let the kids pick the books. 
Out came the 1993 American Booksellers Book of the Year, Old Turtle by Douglas Wood. 
All the animals, rocks, wind, waters and trees were arguing. It began softly at first and then grew louder until they were shouting…about who was God.  The stars thought “God is twinkling and a shining far, far away.”  The willow murmured, “She is a great tree, a part of the world always growing and always giving.” The antelope insisted that God “is a runner, swift and free…” The waterfall thundered, “No, He is a river, who flows through the very heart of things.”  It goes on and on with many exchanges until the Turtle shouted STOP! 
Turtle said, “…God is gentle and powerful.  Above all things and within all things.  God is all that we dream of, and all that we seek…all that we come from and all that we can find.  God IS.” 
Peace flowed through my troubled heart.  A God moment. 


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