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My girls are back in college so I finally get to wear my fleece again. I didn't realize they were stealing it on a regular basis until I saw pictures on social media with them wearing it.

I've had my Columbia fleece for well over 30 years and it is my favorite. I bought it for my first summer trip to Alaska in 1991 and it has traveled around the world since then. 

My children do not often look to me for fashion tips, but they love that fleece. I think, like my DNA infused with memories and the strength of my ancestors, my fleece is infused with some life experiences. There are clothes that make us feel more comfortable and courageous in our skin so it must be magic or memories.

The Columbia fleece carries with it snot marks on the sleeve from crying fits, burn holes from campfires, and stretched cuffs from nervous fidgeting. It has walked with me when I've been lost and frightened, when I've laughed hard and been euphoric, and when I explored new towns or trails. I like to imagine all those experiences get woven into it and then wrapped around those I love so they too can boldly explore life. 

And I'm glad to have it back, especially when our weather goes from sun to rain sometimes with both at the same time and I need my fleece to remind me to keep heading out and boldly exploring life. 

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RITA LAVAKE about 1 year ago

Yes keep on going on your Adventures young Lady...

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