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What do I believe regarding God and how that gets lived out in my daily life?

I wish I was a clear and concise communicator but when it boils down I believe this.  

God – the creator of the universe, that alpha and omega. Sent Jesus his son to save us from our sins (ourselves). And the Holy Spirit to help us until we join him in heaven or when he returns to us. God should be 100% of my worship, but I fail at this. I worship other things life money and food and love and approval of others. I long for that day when my worship is solely for my Lord 

How does this get played out in my daily life? St Francis said speak the gospel always, use words when necessary. I hope that my love of my Savior pours out of each breath I take. I believe that I will be learning how to love like Jesus till my dying day. Some of my failures are hard and hurt myself and others. I try to see what is before me with the a filter of WWJD? And an new one I have put on is something I took away from a memorial service of Kathy Ruddy. The filter of being concerned for the wellness of those around me. So I go about my day, knowing that I will fail, but with each breath I know that I love the Lord and he loves me and will never leave me – even when I fail (by my actions or inactions) or even when I stray away from him.