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Fear and anxiety
One of my devotions during Lent was about David and how he was devastated by the betrayal of one of his best friends. He was overwhelmed by trouble, broken-hearted with grief, and deeply distressed.  He was human and I think he was fearful and overwhelmed by his troubles.  But he had the strength in spite of it all to cast his burdens to the Lord.  The devotion used the analogy that is was not like casting a fishing reel and reeling it back in every time.  He cast it all into the water.  He was able to do this because he knew that God would give him strength through every hardship he faced.
There are too many times that I feel overwhelmed with worry, fear, anxiety and not being able to fix everything when there is brokenness within ourselves and those we love.  During Lent, I am working on casting my reel and not reeling it back.  Trusting that God will always be there and sustain me.  It’s not easy.  In the morning, I end my devotions with “Today God, I am turning it my worries, fears and anxiety over to you, trusting you.”  Then during the day when my mind starts to wander back to the worries, fears and anxiety, I stop and take a deep breath and repeat what I said earlier in the day.  It’s not easy but I am trying.
Psalm 55:22 “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.”

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